Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography allows me to collaborate with many different magazine publications in Knoxville and all over the country capturing the essence of peoples stories and happenings in an artistic, editorial style. Exposing island life photography, golf photography, Knoxville event photography, country living photography, capturing unique businesses and people.

Photographing PGA golfer, Greg Norman and his inauguration of Tennessee National, following and photographing him for half a round of golf, for CityView Magazine was a treat, as I am a novice golfer myself. As well as flying high with a drone, photographing Fox Den Country Club, hosting the Knoxville Open.

Famous Nascar driver, Richard Petty and his son Kyle were fun to photograph, along with up and coming Nascar drivers, for CityView Magazine sent me into a completely different real of sports and lifestyle.

Dolly Parton is always a joy to be around, so it was indeed a pleasure photographing her donating a medical wing, in her hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee. Concert photography also lends an ear to some good music while photographing another Tennessee gal,  Deana Carter.

Spending time and learning people and how to capture the essence of them and their story gives me great perspective and insight on so much, like working with Hollis Church, owner of Dega Catering, who caters nationally for many film sets, Grammy winning musicians and bands, photographing Olympic equestrians, world renowned polo players, NBC newscasters and sets, radio personalities, mayors and philanthropists.

It also gives me pleasure to help crisis and rescue foundations by donating photographing their works and needs. As well as providing photography for KARM, Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries at the historical Grove Park Inn.